My First Ever F45 Workout Experience

This weekend I was invited to a free event sponsored by Heineken 0.0 non-alcohol beer and hosted by the wonderful ladies known as @SweatintheSix on Instagram, Sarah and Elinor! The workout event was at F45 Downtown Toronto, which is located on 165 King Street West.

If you’ve never seen the famous F45 logo, or heard of it- here’s a little background! F45’s concept is simple: 45 minutes of High-Intensity, Circuit-Training. They have 27 different 45 minute workouts, with more currently in development. Every day throughout the week offers a different 45 minute workout. The workouts are created by the F45 Athletics and Peak Performance Department from a database of over 3,000 different exercises, so members never get the same workout twice.

Honestly, I’ve only ever heard of F45 through Instagram and YouTube. I’ve seen some of my favourite people to follow on social media go there, take a pic infront of the cool logo and thought ‘wow i’d love to try that!” And this weekend, I had the chance too!

This was a strength day, so lots of weight lifting. My favourite part of the whole class is that when you arrive, the weights and other objects you are training with (ie: sandbags, kettlebells, etc) are already all set up for you. Meaning they pick the weight of everything so you can’t cheat and grab ‘light’ 3-5 pound weights. here the lightest weights at each station were probably 6-7 pounds- which is heavier than what I’m used to lifting on my regular SHRED and HIIT classes. I really loved that challenge it brought!

There were three circuits, each circuit had three moves in it. You are doing each move two times in a row for 2 rounds.. Each move was performed for 30 seconds and then you get a 30 second rest, and then another round of that same move before you move on to the next one. We did moves like Good Mornings, lunges with a sandbag, pull ups, and more! This was the first time I’d ever done a pull up in my life. It was so tough, but here at F45 they have bands that go around one foot that help with resistance if you need it while pulling up (one of my favourite things at this gym for this workout).

The atmosphere was awesome. I loved the screens they had that showed each move, and then the trainers walk around, making sure your form is correct, if you are lifting heavy enough for your strength, etc. I love that one-on-one/without being with a personal trainer kind of feel to a class.

Overall, I really want to try another class or possibly the free 2-week trail they offer at each location. Though I love my current workouts, I think this could be something to shake up my gym habits, and surprise my body a little bit if I ever feel I want a change.

I am so grateful to Sarah and Elinor from @SweatintheSix for inviting me to the event. It’s always the best feeling to smash out a workout with a group of people who are dedicated to fitness as you are! Go give them a follow in you live in the Toronto area! They review gyms, studios, classes, etc and give you the review right to your Instagram feed! They were awesome to workout with!

Want more information of F45 or maybe try to find one in your area? Check out there website right now:

Nicole O'Brien