My Latest Obsession: Matcha Green Tea Lattes


Okay so I’m usually not the type to try different health trends. Not because I don’t like being trendy, but my stomach usually doesn’t always react well. I feel like it’s just so sensitive to certain things, so I just stick to eating things I already know make me feel good. I wanted to try an alternative to coffee and try to decrease my tea intake at night time.

Coffee is delicious but I’m super picky with where I get it and I also don’t love all the cream and sugar I feel like I need to add to make it just right. And drinking tea at night was keeping me up longer before bed. This year I’ve seen a lot of coffee/caffeine alternatives but my favourite has been the matcha green tea. I love the colour, and I was super curious about it-especially the lattes!

One day while at Starbucks with my best friend Sarah I decided to try it. One sip and I was in love. Then I discovered a few places had them so I kept trying different ones. I discovered I could get it with almond or coconut milk, no sugar and it was just so good.

A few weeks later, the best day ever happened. I was at Winners/Home Sense and found the Organic Traditions matcha green tea latte with vanilla mix and snagged it so fast I can’t even tell you! At health food stores it’s about $20-$25 and at this store it was 14.99 so I thought why not?! I’ve been drinking them almost every morning since. One package lasted me about two weeks because all you need is a tablespoon every time. Now it’s something I look forward too and I know it doesn’t hurt my stomach and I’m not adding any sugar! 

The benefits of matcha: 

• Is packed with antioxidants including the powerful EGCg.
• Boosts metabolism and burns calories.
• Detoxifies effectively and naturally.
• Calms the mind and relaxes the body.
• Is rich in fiber, chlorophyll and vitamins.
• Enhances mood and aids in concentration.

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