What Workouts I am Currently Loving

Since starting my fitness journey two years ago, I’ve tried a lot of different workouts. I’ve always been about doing workouts that I love and that I enjoy. Now you may be thinking ‘I don’t enjoy any workout, what is this crazy woman talking about?!” I know, I know but hear me out! I swear you can actually LOVE your workouts if you actually enjoy it!

Here are some workouts that have become my OGs, and my recent faves!:

  1. Pilates: This workout has become my absolute favourite thing to do at the gym. I do pilates 2 times a week at my gym as a group class. My instructor, Nicole, is so amazing at making everything (and I mean everything) burn and hurt (in a good way) for that full hour every Tuesday and Saturday. One of my favourite things to tell people when they ask me what Pilates is that it feels like your body is getting sucked through a straw as the class goes on- because you feel super lean and long by the end of the it! For me personally, I really want long and lean muscles- that’s one thing I strive for in the gym. some of my favourite pilates moves include: c-shapes, planks, the hundred series, single (and double) leg stretch, criss cross, teasers, and scissor kicks! (Want to learn these moves? Here’s a helpful Self.com article with explainers of each move! https://www.self.com/gallery/pilates-exercises-that-work-your-core )

  2. SHRED with Jillian Michaels

This is another class i’ve been doing at my gym for about 6 months now, twice a week. it’s a thirty minute class, but you are moving the entire time. and when I say the entire time, I MEAN THE ENTIRE TIME. It’s 4 circuits that include cardio, muscle and abs/recovery. So it looks like this:

Round ONE:

MUSCLE CIRCUIT: three different moves for 30 seconds each (ie: bicep curls, shoulder press, arm rows)

CARDIO CIRCUIT: two different moves for 30 seconds each (ie: jumping jacks, running on the spot, burpees)

AB CIRCUIT: two different moves for 30 seconds each (ie: plank, bicycle crunches)

So that’s done for four rounds, and all in thirty minutes. it’s a crazy workout, but it’s the best feeling afterwards. I love the endorphins I get from moving. I never thought I’d be into classes like these, but my mom has really gotten me into them. now I couldn’t see myself doing any other workout on these days.

3. Yoga

Okay so this is probably a cliché one that most people knew was going to be on the list, but yoga has become the main way for me to stretch properly! and hot yoga, oh my gosh probably one of the hardest workouts i’ve ever done. I did this amazing hot yoga class on New Year’s Eve and it felt so good, just like a detox! I usually do yoga at home, I really like the Pop Sugar Fitness yoga videos on YouTube and Yoga by Adrienne is awesome for beginners (which I still am so don’t worry!) I try to incorporate yoga at least once a week, even if it’s for 15-20 minutes. I usually like to do it after work on a Friday to help me calm down after a long week and get ready to chill for the weekend.

4. Running

2018 became the year that I didn’t hate running. i’ve been in a few runs and most of the time I'm thinking ‘why am I doing this, why am I running, how much longer do I have to run?’ (Anyone else feel this way?) But this year I really came into my own when it came to running. my mom and I did a a really fun mud run, and we did the Terry Fox Run which is one of my favourite things to do in September. I have found that listening to motivational speeches or really fast-paced remixed music while running has helped me feel empowered and less in my head when i’m running. I wouldn't say I want to run every day but i’m trying to at least incorporate a bit more every few weeks.

5. Walking

Maybe you think walking isn’t. workout, but it totally is! I go for a walk almost every day on my lunch at work for about an hour and I burn about 300-400 calories every time- that’s huge for anyone looking to loose a little bit of weight or just trying to find something to do on their lunch to get away from their desk! I also go on a lot of walks on the weekend with my parents and dog to enjoy the weather, and those are just a win-win because it’s fitness and family time!

I hope i’ve brought you some ideas to kickstart you fitness goals or to try something new at your local gym or studio! If you have a favourite workout, comment down below! I’d love to hear about your favourite way to get your sweat on! :)

xo Nicole

Nicole O'Brien