How I Reset After an Indulgent Long Weekend | Top Tips!

Okay so I know Family Day was last weekend, but I’m still trying to recover from splurging. and I don’t mean I went out and spent a lot of money on clothes of something- I mean splurging on food! I over indulged on a lot on the long weekend, and i’m really trying to hit the reset button this week! I was celebrating a lot of happy moments, including Valentine’s Day, stating my YouTube channel, and Family Day- which means I was around like a lot of food. So I thought it would be a really great time to share my top tips to reset your health/fitness routine after a long weekend of indulgence!

Drink a ton of water

Water is super important all the time, but insanely important after a weekend of activities, junk food and lack of sleep. Drink all the water possible to flush out the excess sugar, salt and other elements in your system. I love adding lemon to my water to help balance pH levels and stimulate natural enzymes in the liver, plus it tastes a bit better than regular water so it makes me want to drink it a bit more if that makes sense.

Start moving!

Exercise can be great, but maybe you don’t want to start right into it. That’s totally fine! Just think about mobility, getting out of the house for a walk, stretching in front of the television. If you workout regularly, go ahead to get some exercise in if it feels good for your body. Personally, I love a good long walk around the neighbourhood or a yoga class.

Clean Up Your Eating

I’m not into detoxing or intermittent fasting after an indulgent weekend. I’m just not big on it, as others are which is totally fine! But my advice would be to consume foods in their most natural state, and try to cook/make it yourself as much as possible. Know what’s going into your food. For example, instead of going out to get your morning coffee and muffin, stay home and make some eggs and make your own coffee. You know what’s going into that meal, and you can feel good that it’s whole foods in their natural state.

Don’t Be SO Hard On Yourself

This is probably what I struggle with the most. After a weekend of eating badly, i’m usually pretty down on myself, which can create a bad environment and mindset while working toward your goals. Remember that you’re human. You enjoyed your long weekend. I had such a great time with my family that I wasn't thinking about food, but just their company! A few days of eating well and exercise and I’ll be back!

Nicole O'Brien