MY GROCERY LIST | Come Shopping With Me!

Hi everyone! How are you doing? This week I wanted to take you guys along on my regular weekly grocery run to show you all the stuff I buy to cook meals, what I snack on and all that good stuff! I usually go grocery shopping every Monday on my lunch at work, and I usually go to Walmart. I live at home with my parents, so they do the bulk of the grocery shopping in my house, but because I like to eat health-ish, I like to buy some of my own stuff to keep in the kitchen for the times I can swap out certain meals for healthy foods or snack on something a bit healthier than what my parents keep in the cupboard! here’s my breakdown of what I buy every week:

Writing out my grocery list at my desk.

Writing out my grocery list at my desk.

A bag of spinach: I like to have a spinach salad with every lunch I have at work, and spinach is my all time favourite greeny leaf. I sometimes will mix it with a bit of kale, and some cucumbers and strawberries with a squeeze of lemon for dressing. So simple yet so good.

Berries: I really like adding berries to breakfast and also to salads so I like to stock up on them. they can be pricey where I live in the winter time, but for me they are just super worth it because I try to incorporate them in my diet every day.


Frozen blueberries: I love adding frozen blueberries to smoothies (check out my IGTV Smoothie Recipe Video), and they are great for protein pancakes as well. I like having frozen fruit on hand for baking or just adding to blend in a smoothie.

Frozen Mangos: I’ve added this new item to my list to try to incorporate more smoothies into my pre and post workouts on the weekends. I work out both Saturday and Sunday in the mornings and I like to come home and make a really yummy smoothie before I do any errands or hangout with my boyfriend for the day. I really love mangoes and I usually mix them with greens so avocados, spinach, etc.

Almond or oat milk: I’m trying to cut back on the amount of dairy I have because I read that it can contribute to acne and all that so I’ve been drinking almond and oat milk for the past like 4 months now and I really love adding it to matchas and coffees. before I would get super bloated having a tea or a coffee, or even having a bowl of cereal and I knew it was the regular milk I was adding to it so I just decided to convert over. it took some time to get used to the taste but now I couldn’t imagine drinking a hot beverage without it! (Want to learn how to make a matcha latte? here you go!)

Oranges (2): So I swear by having an orange or a grapefruit a day will keep you from getting a cold. it sounds ridiculous but each of these fruits have such high vitamin C levels, I swear it just works. I haven’t gotten a cold in probably 6-8 months and that entire time i’ve had at least one of these fruits once a day. So there ya go.

Grapefruit (2)

Mini Babybelle Cheese Light (6 pack): So this is a new item i’ve been adding to my basket for the last month now and i’m loving it. these tiny little cheeses are so yummy, and packed full of protein. they are perfect for when I’m kinda hungry before the gym but can’t really eat much because i’ll be jumping up and down in a class. it fills me up pretty well when I combine it with a yogurt or a piece of fruit. I feel like it gives me energy to power through the last hour or two of work without needing a muffin or something heavy.

Stonemill Slow Crafted Bread Chia Seed & Supergrains: Stonemill bread has become my absolute favourite bread over the last few months. I love the different kinds they carry, including sourdough, multigrain, sprouted flax and so much more. all of there breads contain no sugar, they are vegan, dairy-free and extremely high in protein. I stopped eating bread probably about a year ago to take out white breads, but since learning about Stonemill I feel like I can have a piece of toast with peanut butter, or make a sandwich and I know it’s not going to make me bloat or feel sluggish. highly highly recommended.

Seeds of Change Quinoa & Brown Rice: This rice is the perfect blend of quinoa (also known as the super grain) and organic brown rice. it’s super simple, you pop it in the microwave for 60 seconds and bam it’s done!

Seeds of Change Sweet and Spicy Sauce: This is a new product from Seeds of Change so I decided to buy it this week in my grocery haul. It’s a perfect taste for any kind of dish with the rice. this week, I added it to my rice ,chicken and veggie bowl I whipped up. again it’s just a 60 seconds in the microwave and you can pour over your food of choice!

Dark Chocolate Bar: I usually get a sugar craving in the evenings after dinner, so this is where dark chocolate can come in handy. I curb the cravings with a square (sometimes two) of dark chocolate. I aim to get as dark as I can handle, which is anything between 75 to 85 per cent cacao.

Avocados (6 pack): I have become obsessed with avocados probably within the last 6 months. I try to have one a day or at least half of one. I’ll usually add half of one to my breakfast, and eat it with toast and two hard boiled eggs and then bring the other half to work for my salad (What are my go-to work lunches? Find out on my ‘What I Eat in A Day” video!)

Granola bars: My go-to granola bar brands are LOVE CRUNCH, Kind Bars, Lara bars and Kashi. these all have under 7 grams of sugar in their bars, and packed with a ton of protein. so it’s kinda like a treat but also fills you up. I love chocolate and peanut butter and nuts so granola bars help curb my sugar cravings as well.

Skinny Pop Popcorn: Even though I do not like the name of this product, this popcorn is so freaking good. The White Cheddar flavour is like the perfect, healthy dupe for Smart Food which was always a favourite snack of mine growing up. It’s gluten-free and has no GMOs. again I love snacking, so this a great healthy alternative to chomp on during a movie night or a night at a friend’s house.

And that’s my grocery list for this week! it’s small, but insanely mighty and packed with some of my go-to foods for the week!

Nicole O'Brien