My Meditation Journey | Tips, Tricks and How to Get Started

I started meditating just over 3 months ago in an effort to become more mindful of my body and of my thoughts. I’ve struggled with negativity self image and anxiety most of my life, and getting a handle on my thoughts has always been a little difficult for me. Through my health and fitness journey, and in speaking to my community of wonderful health/fitness/wellness influencers and experts, I came to realize that meditation just might help me calm down my thoughts, and think a little clearer!

So I usually mediate twice a day, at the same times. I will meditate as soon as I wake up, and right before I go to bed. when I first decided I wanted to try it, I was kinda lost in regards to how exactly I was going to learn, and keep up with it. so I scrolled through the internet to find some meditation apps that were suitable to beginners. That’s where I landed on the Zen app. It features weekly guided meditations, mantras, songs, all that good stuff. but one of my favourite features is that they have meditations that pair with your mood. I pick through emotion mediations such as: excited, sentimental, angry, anxious, and insomnia. So for example, when I hear my alarm in the morning, I roll over, grab my phone, go to the Zen app and choose a mood. I usually pick the ‘therapy’ mood meditation, as it just is a good session to feel good, and focus on the breathe. And when i’m crawling into bed, I grab my headphones and pick the ‘insomnia’ meditation.

Each meditation is around 4-5 minutes, which I love because it’s not too short where I don’t have enough time to get into the mode, and it’s not super long where I start to get distracted thinking about other stuff!

I usually lie down in bed during my meditations, but if I opt to do one during the day or somewhere other than my room, a nice comfy chair always works, or even just a chair to be honest. Seated meditation can be a bit easier, so if you are going to try it, I would recommend finding a spot you love, and know you will be comfortable in so it’s less distracting!

I did a little research on meditation and wanted to share some benefits of it from the experts:

  • Reduces Stress

  • Controls Anxiety

  • Promotes Emotional Health

  • Enhances Self-Awareness

  • Improves Sleep

  • Decrease Blood Pressure

  • Improves Focus

But don’t just take it from me! Here are a few different experiences from people who have been practicing meditation for a longer than I have!

“I got into meditation in the fall of last year. I kept hearing about it in my classes and the benefits of it, and going into addictions and mental health counselling I figured I should probably practice what I preach to patients. I won’t lie- I found it hard to get into. it takes a very determined mind to be able to be mindful and sit through your thoughts, so I tried guided meditations as opposed to self meditations. Sometimes life gets hectic and I forget and then get stressed out, but once you remember to connect with yourself and meditate, that stress melts away. I find that when I remember to take that time out and practice regularly, it’s easier to regulate emotions and deal with any stressful situations that arise, as opposed to being an after thought. It allows me to debrief on my day and just think about everything that has happened, so that those thoughts aren’t the ones keeping me up at night- you know the ones that creep up the second your in bed and led to a ‘I can’t believe I said this thing 5 years ago.’ “ - Brianne James, 24, WMS Counsellor

“What I love about meditation is that it helps me take life less seriously and have more fun! approaching life and challenges with a sense of calm is what keeps me going back!.” - Sarah Laird, Founder of Thanks House and creator of Thanks Journal.

“I truly believe everyone on this earth should meditate. I have had ups and downs, I've fallen off the meditation wagon (and stopped for months) but I always come back to it and when I do, its life changing. I'm currently on the wagon and I am determined to not fall off again. I used to be an anxious person, I used to overreact to little things and freak out constantly. I don't anymore (I mean, I'm not perfect, it happens still sometimes). But mostly, I don't react, instead I respond. I suffer from Cyclothymic Disorder, which is essentially a very mild form of bipolar and it's hard to put into words how it has helped me overcome both my mania and my depression. I don't even think that I'm working the meditation enough and I still feel its benefits. My biggest pet peeve is when people say, I can't do it. Ohhh how that erks me. Everyone can do it, its hard work, it takes time but as long as your sitting, focusing on your breath and when your mind wanders you acknowledge it and bring it back to focusing on your breath you're meditating.” - Allegra Shaw, Fashion Blogger/YouTuber

Do you practice meditation? thinking about trying it out? Let me know, I’d love to know your thoughts! xo

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