I used to hate Sundays. Like loathe them (sorry Sunday). I hated the thought that my weekend was over, and I had to start a new week over.

This hatred was at a time when I was working every weekend, hustling to get my college diploma, and working my body way too hard in the gym. I was in a very negative place, and my thoughts were just SUPER negative. I couldn’t even see why people liked Sundays at all.


Fast forward to today and it’s probably my favourite day of the week. Yes, I love weekends, but Sundays are the days I can be productive, get things done I wasn’t able to during the week, and kickstart my fitness routine for the week!

So how did I change my mind on Sundays? Here are a few tips that I’ve implemented and have really helped my moods:

    Who loves sleeping in on the weekends? For some reason i’m just not a big ‘sleeping in’ person. My body has just adjusted to my early rise during the week (Check out my morning routine here!). But i’ve realized that sleep is just a beautiful thing and all of our bodies need a little more of it. so i’ve really tried to take an extra 30-60 minutes to sleep in, so instead of waking up at like 8 am, on Sundays I aim to wake up for 8:45 or 9 am. I wanted to add this extra sleep in time because I was feeling really sleepy by like 2 or 3 pm on the weekend days I would wake up at 8 am. So it’s just a bit of a self care thing for me. I don’t recommend sleeping in past like 10 am if you’re an early riser during the week like I am. it may make you feel worse. Neurologist and sleep medicine specialist Dr. Brandon Peters breaks down some of the benefits you will experience waking up at the same time every day, even on the weekends:
    Easier to wake up, fewer naps, improved alertness, decreased sleep deprivation, easier to fall asleep, and brighter mood!

    About 2 months ago, I started going to a hot yoga class every Sunday morning. I really wanted to work on my stretching, and I thought it would be a great active recovery day. I’ve really enjoyed the calm energy the instructor brings, and it juts sets up my week so nicely. By choosing an activity, or workout that you know you are going to look forward to eliminates a lot of that fear of the weekend being over. It could be anything! Walking your dog, crushing a workout, meeting up with friends for coffee. Try to make it something you can do every Sunday!


    I am really big on organization and Sundays are my days to plan out what my week is going to look like. I sit down at my desk, or on my bed and write out my workouts, plan what my blog post will be for that week and when I will work on it and upload it, planning out my article for or and when I will send the final drafts, as well as what video topic i’m going to tackle that week for my YouTube channel. Other plans I include are any date ideas i’ve planned with my boyfriend, if I have plans to get coffee or lunch with a friend, when to go grocery shopping, etc! I find that when i’m finished, I can look at my planner and find certain things I’m most looking forward too. this just brings me so much joy and I get excited for all the fun things coming up!


So yes Sunday scaries are real, but you don’t have to make them a problem. of course, we all have these kinds of thoughts when the weekend is over, but it’s important to remember that another weekend is around the corner and to just get through the week as best as YOU can! xo

PS. Check out my latest YouTube video below! It would mean a lot to me! xo