How I Get Sh*t Done: Laura Davidson, Founder of

I wanted to share some of my favourite badass women i’ve interviewed for my series for called ‘How I Get Sh*t Done.” I have a new interview out every Friday! Today I’m sharing my interview from 2018 with Laura Davidson, fitness influencer and creator of!

Photo via @MissLauraDavidson

Photo via @MissLauraDavidson

You started your fitness journey just a year ago, back in January 2017, what sparked this journey?

My fitness journey was sparked by the fact that I was completely fed up with my constant failure to commit myself to a regimented workout. I spent my entire adult life yo-yoing in and out of the gym never feeling like I was living up to my true potential. I decided to launch My Sweat Story to publically commit myself to a three month workout routine and doing this drastically changed my life.

You also quit your full time job working for one of Canada’s top venture capital investors, Kevin O’Leary - that’s a huge leap. What do you credit as the thing that helped you stay positive at this time in your life?

Quitting my job wasn’t something I decided overnight. It had literally been years of me feeling this angst towards my career. I felt very under stimulated and was ultimately very disconnected from what I was doing on a daily basis. Transitioning into fitness allowed me to learn so much about myself and truly connect with who I was as a person, which made leaving my job feel like a massive weight was being lifted off my shoulders. By no means was this transition a difficult one.

Photo via @MissLauraDavidson

Photo via @MissLauraDavidson

You talk about being real and honest in all your posts, why is that so important to you when it comes to fitness?

Being real and honest isn’t just important to me in relation to fitness. It is who I am through and through within all aspects of my life. We are inundated with glimpses into the lives of “perfect” people on social media and I feel that everyone deserves to see what is truly real, not what is just the best moment. I take pride in speaking openly about the shitty moments just as much as I do about the happy ones. It is even more important to apply this level of realism to the fitness industry as we can be deceived by body edits and unrealistic portrayals of what is healthy. I was very open in my early posts about transformation truths and how I have felt in the past when living life at a different size. I know I am not alone with my thoughts and feelings and if I can help just one person by being real, then that’s a win for me.

So it’s your average day- what’s your morning look like?

Lately I have been up and out of the house around 6 am to get a morning workout in. This is a relatively new thing, but I am thoroughly enjoying it. I head home post workout to refuel, shower, and prep for the day. I like to start every day with a cleansing drink that is hot water, lemon, ginger, mint, cinnamon, and turmeric. This honestly wakes my body up and allows my brain to know it’s time to get shit done.

What’s your go-to exercise when your on a time crunch?

Fitness is a top priority for me and, for the most part, I attend classes at a strength training gym. Thus, I am rarely in a time crunch when it comes to working out. If I didn’t feel that I have time for a full sweat, I will most likely head to my open gym and focus on mobility and some dynamic stretching, an equally important part of training that I feel a lot of people overlook.

What’s your bedtime routine?

My bedtime routine consists of a few variations of self-care, depending on the day. If I had an intense workout, I like to take an Epsom salt bubble bath to help prevent inflammation and ease my muscles and joints. If I had more of a relaxed fitness day, my self-care routine is usually focused around my skin & hair. Once I’m actually in bed, I review my upcoming day and usually catch up on a Netflix episode or two.

You’re such a busy person, you run a blog, an app and do so much more- what’s your scheduling system like?

Proper scheduling is a must. I live by my Google calendar which has multiple colour coded calendars in it that allocated to the many different areas of business. This includes my workouts and personal time as well. Scheduling time for you is just as important as scheduling time for your business. I try to plan this calendar out two weeks in advanced, so I have a sold timeline to follow. I find putting in any important deadlines, dates, or reminders and working backwards from there is a huge help as well.

Photo via @MissLauraDavidson

Photo via @MissLauraDavidson

You live in Toronto, what’s your go-to place to unwind with friends, family, etc in the city?

Although I live in Toronto, I did not grow up here. When it comes to truly unwinding, I like to head north and spend time at home with family. I grew up an hour and half outside of the city and absolutely love escaping back to cottage country, especially in those summer months. Lately, the activities I have been enjoying in the city fall around weekend markets and local brunch spots. The older I get the more focused I am on activities that garner the opportunity for true connection and conversation rather than a wild night out.

What does your workspace look like? (i.e. desk at home? Office?, etc) 

I can honestly say one of the things I love most about being an entrepreneur and running my own show is the fact that I can, and do, work anywhere I want. I have a beautiful set up at home that keeps me organized and functions as my “head office”, but I find myself also working at Soho House, my app partners office, and sometimes even at my sisters place quite often.

How do you combine creativity with your passion to empower others to be their best selves?

It’s funny, if you asked me a question two years ago that had the word creativity in it, I would say I didn’t have any. Finding my creativity has almost equally been me finding my passion these past few years. So, for me, they are almost one in the same. I feel the most inspired creatively when I have the opportunity to empower the most women. Creating things like The Council (@groupcollective) which allows me to speak, empower and be creative all in one go is where I find the most connection. My goal with anything that I do is to make an impact. I want women to know they are amazing and they can change anything in their lives that doesn’t feel right.

What is one thing you want people to know about your brand? About you as a person?

My brand is me and what you see is very much what you get. I started this with no intention of having it lead me into a new career. From day one it has been about being honest, real, and vulnerable. I wasn’t always this open as a person. I used to be very closed off, and honestly didn’t really care about much. Connecting with myself has allowed me to connect with so many others and it has truly changed my life and deepened my relationships with others. 

What does ‘Healthy is Hot’ mean to you? 

To me, ‘Healthy is Hot’ means taking control of your life, and that, is so damn sexy. It’s not about looking “perfect” or being the strongest person in the room. It’s about living your best life and making the right, healthy, choices to better yourself.

Read Laura’s story on her blog, My Sweat Story and follow her on Instagram @misslauradavidson!

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