My First Fitness Retreat Experience | Retox Retreat in Sauble Beach!

Last weekend,I had the amazing opportunity to attend my first ever fitness/wellness retreat! Located in Sauble Beach, Ontario, two of my favourite fitness influencers, Alena Luciani (@Training2XL) and Hannah Kovacs (@HIITWHannah), put on a 3-day retreat known as the Retox Retreat. The idea behind this retreat is quite simple: Hannah and Alena don’t really care for ‘detoxes’ so they designed a weekend that was meant to fill your cup with movement, food and good vibes! I’ve been following these two for while now, and also interviewed them for my series ‘How I Get Sh*t Done,’ for HIH, but I had never met them in person! So, even though I was nervous to sign up and try something out of my comfort zone, I did it and enlisted my mom to be my second pea in a pod for a room!


On Friday, we arrived around 5pm to the open arms of Hannah and Alena! The AirBnb we stayed at was freaking massive, and good thing because we were a large group (as you can see below!). Friday was a chill night filled with meeting all the girls, eating some awesome food, and life chats on things like what our greatest strengths are! It was the perfect, chill kick off we needed! 


The next morning at 8:00 am, Hannah led a 4km (optional) run first thing! It was a beautiful, sunny morning and we were right by the beach so we jogged down there. And it was a nice warm up until she had us do a bunch of sprints on the beach. (Working out on sand is no joke, people!). It was challenging, but SUPER satisfying once it was over! We came back to the house to a wonderful breakfast, and some chill time until the official workout at 9:30 am! 

The workout on Saturday morning was exactly my kind of workout, HIIT-type of style with circuits! Lots of banded moves, and bodyweight exercises like wall sits, tricep dips and push ups. Hannah led such an awesome workout out on the deck of our beautiful retreat home!

After the workout, we all tried to get the dirt and nature off our bodies from working out outside, and then had time to chill before lunch. A few of us had naps, or ate some more food. 

For lunch, we headed to the cutest cafe I’ve ever been to on the beach called the Wellness Refinery! It’s a cafe + smoothie bar + lifestyle boutique designed to nourish mind, body, and spirit. While we made smoothie bowls, Alena led us through one of her famous goal setting workshops, where we all wrote down things like what three emotions are you feeling right now?, what are you grateful for, what is your ten year vision, etc! It was so eye opening to hear everyone’s thoughts and just feel that empowerment through their own goal setting!

After lunch, we had time to chill out. I took full advantage of th relaxing time, took naps, read my book, and just chatted with the other girls about their lives, how they got into fitness, and more!

Saturday night we had a big barbecue and drank kombucha cocktails until the clock struck midnight and my eyes felt sleepy!


Sunday morning was by far my favourite day! We did an awesome workout right on beach, led by Alena! Lots of drills, banded moves and cardio! After a good 60 minute workout, we headed to our epic brunch filled with the best scrambled eggs I’ve ever had in my life, and bacon and sausage from the always amazing True Local, who donated all the meat! 

To end the weekend off, Alena’s mother Carol Bertuzzi Luciani, a life coach since __, led a talk on self care and love. I think it’s such an important topic, and she spoke about it in a way that I’ve never really thought of before!

This weekend was exactly what my mom and I needed. It was relaxing, refreshing and just beautiful to be away for a little while. I met some of the most amazing women ever, and it was so awesome to finally meet people who had very similar mindsets to me when it comes to health and fitness! 

Coming into the work week, I feel happy and refreshed, which means IT WORKED! 

I learned that trying something new and scary can be well worth it! Get outside your comfort zone, meet new people, and try new things! I also learned that being myself is what the world needs more of. Sometimes it can be easy to try to be something your not with people you just met, but it’s just not the answer! BE YOURSELF AND I PROMISE THE WORLD WILL REWARD YOU! 

Thank you Hannah & Alena. You have truly filled my cup and I will forever be grateful for it! Oh, and see ya at the next retreat!!



Nicole O'Brien