My Updated What I Eat in a Day | Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack Ideas For You to Try!

If you haven’t noticed, I love food! I love talking about it, trying new foods, and reading about other peoples’ habits as well! Nutrition is such a BIG part of our everyday lives, and what we fuel our bodies with is SUPER important to keep us moving and grooving all day long! This week, I wanted to do an updated ‘What I Ate Today,’ because of two reasons: 1. I personally love reading and watching what I eat in a day vlogs, blogs, posts, whatever it is! It allows me to find out new recipes, tips and tricks on how to snack better, and SO MUCH MORE! And 2. I wanted to do a bit of an updated version of it (I did do one a few months ago on my YouTube channel if you want to check it out!) because a lot has changed in my eating habits lately, and I wanted to share!


My breakfast has not changed since I was in college, so it’s been pretty consistent for about 4 or 5 years now. Breakfast is my favourite time of the day (no joke, as soon as I wake up, I' get excited about making my breakfast)! I am also that person who HAS to eat like pretty much as soon as I wake up because as soon as my eyes open in the morning, my stomach starts to make gurgling sounds because I’M STARVING. Any one else like this?

So, for my go-to breakfast, I have two soft boiled eggs (sometimes they come out as hard boiled eggs, which is fine too, but my fave is when the yolk is still a bit soft), two pieces of StoneMill sourdough bread, half a grapefruit (or whatever fruit I have on hand), a homemade matcha made with almond milk, and a glass of water.

I love this breakfast because it’s got the protein I need to kick start my day, as well as a bit of starchy carbs with the two pieces of toast, and the micronutrients my body needs from the grapefruit.

I do believe having a glass of water with every meal is a great way to up the water intake if you’re struggling with that. But I also love it because our bodies are super dehydrated after getting in our 7-8 hour sleep, so it’s super important to get that hydration back in. And if you’re a coffee or tea drinker and you can’t imagine mornings with any other kind of beverage, try to double it up, so coffee or tea in one hand, and a glass of water in the other!

9:30/10 AM: SNACK

I snack quite a lot, especially when I’m at work. You should see my lunch bag, it’s ALWAYS packed to the brim! I usually get some hunger pains around 9:30, and I also have a tendency to crave something sweet in the morning, which I always find really weird because who craves chocolate at 9:30 AM?

So instead of heading down to the Tim Horton’s at work to grab a muffin or a cookie to curb my sweet tooth, I will head into my overly filled lunch bag, and pull out a granola bar (my go to brands are Love Crunch, LARA Bars and Good Fats) and a banana. Both of these snacks keep my pretty satisfied before lunch time.

AT NOON, I take lunch at work. I try to get outside, move my body and get some fresh air for the whole time. I really try to step away from my phone, and enjoy the time away from screens. I am on the computer/social media all day long, so this is the time I really decompress away from it, even just for a short period of time. when I do go for a walk, I am sure to bring a full bottle of water to keep hydrated!

1:00 PM: LUNCH

Usually on Fridays I go out for lunch. My go tos are Freshii, Cultures and grocery store ready-made meals. This is a delicious salad from Cultures!

Usually on Fridays I go out for lunch. My go tos are Freshii, Cultures and grocery store ready-made meals. This is a delicious salad from Cultures!

Lunch has always been a bit of a struggle for me. Since working full-time in the corporate world, I have been bringing my lunch to the office every day, but it has been a struggle to really love what I bring. I don’t meal prep, so maybe this is a sign I need to start, because lunch is always that one meal that I never look forward too, or get excited about. Anyone else?

So because of this reason, I really try to stick to the foods that I know will keep me full all day, and are packed with good fats & protein. Usually that looks like a can of tuna with some crackers, and a spinach salad with cucumbers, strawberries, walnuts, and a bit of lemon and olive oil dressing. Another lunch go-to of mine is soup. I am that person who is downing her soup even in the middle of July (I may or may not have had soup today..) so don’t judge me! Not everyone loves it, but soup is a great way to get in some veggies, protein and it usually is pretty low in calories. I like making my own soup, but I usually buy canned. If you are going to do that, please remember to look at the label, as canned soup can contain A LOT of sodium. I am not a huge fan of bringing leftovers to work, but I will bring something I have leftover from dinner the night before if I have nothing else in my fridge.


3:00 PM: SNACK

This is where I have my second snack break of the day. This could be anything from a homemade trail mix (made of assorted nuts, dark chocolate chips and shredded coconut), or greek yogurt with strawberries, or an apple. Usually I have more than one snack here because 90 per cent of the time I am heading out to train after work, so I need something in my belly to keep my body fuelled!


Dinner is the one meal that is always different for me, but there are few reoccurring themes that happen. I always like to have a protein, a carb, a veggie, and some sort of good fat. So for example, last night, we had leftover pork (protein) from the weekend, so we fried to up in a pan and I put a nice dollop of hummus on the side for dipping (good fat). On the side we had a potato salad (carb), and a made a quick spinach salad with cucumbers and strawberries (veggie + bonus, fruit!).

Remember that food doesn’t have to be complicated and neither does healthy eating! If you want more posts like this, please be sure to comment below!

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