How to Get Sh*t Done With Alena Luciani | Strength Coach and Lululemon Ambassador

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I wanted to share some of my favourite badass women i’ve interviewed for my series for called ‘How I Get Sh*t Done.” I have a new interview out every Friday! This week, I am bringing you an oldie but a GOODIE from my series. One of my first interviews for HIGSD was with strength coach Alena Luciani or better known on Instagram as @Training2XL. I started following Alena pretty early on in my health and fitness journey. We both attended Wilfrid Laurier University (did not meet her there) and had a few mutual friends in common and she posted a lot of awesome content on fitness and healthy eating, so I gave her a follow. Fast forward a few years later, and she has become one of my go-to influencers to get recipes from, learn how to properly do a workout move, and getting that awesome motivational advice to keep moving! I finally got to meet her in person when I attended her ever fitness/health retreat in Sauble Beach, On (Retox Retreat Blog) and we both support each others’ project and endeavours! So let’s get into the interview:

Meet Alena Luciani, a strength and conditioning coach, entrepreneur and creator of TRAINING2XL. One look at Alena’s Instagram and you know this girl is all about her fitness, organization and living her best life (oh and she laughs a lot, points for Alena)! To celebrate the new spring season, Healthy is Hot sat down with the ever-so refreshing Alena to talk everything from her morning routine to what advice she would give to those who want to follow in her footsteps!

What began your passion for nutrition and fitness?

Being an athlete all my life, I realized at a young age the importance of physical activity for my performance and overall health. When I started to realize how beneficial it was for me as an athlete and during my everyday life I wanted to share that passion with others and help them do the same. After finishing my sports career, I transitioned quickly into coaching to continue living my passion and sharing my love for training, nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. 

So, it’s your average day - what’s your morning look like? 

My morning routine is my favourite time of day. My day begins at 5:15am when my first (of three) alarms go off. I get out of bed; sip (or most times chug) a glass of lemon water and head to the gym for a 6am workout. I love starting my day with a sweat because it wakes me up and sets me up for a productive day. I also spend most days training others so it’s nice to have some me time early in the morning to get it out of the way! I return home to shower, make my coffee (with brain octane and cinnamon, of course!), then get set up at my workspace for a couple hours of uninterrupted work. I dedicate this time to being creative and working on TRAINING2XL projects – programs, content, blogs, events, etc. I always feel so creative and passionate in the morning (my favourite time of day), so I definitely take advantage of my time before I head to my full-time job at York University for 10am. 

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What’s your bedtime routine?

My bedtime routine is pretty low key, I like to wash my face, set up my diffuser with peppermint and lavender essential oils, make a tea or magnesium drink and just lay low. I do my best to stay off my computer but generally catch up with Instagram as I lay in bed (working on putting my phone away too). I fall asleep quite quickly knowing that I’ll be up bright and early the next morning!

What’s your workspace look like?

I actually just recently updated my home work set-up and I’m so happy about it! My desk is in front of a big window in the front area of my house, which allows a ton of natural light to pour in. I’m very much an environment person so it’s important for me to create a space that allows me to feel creative and productive.  I have plants (a succulent and an orchid, my faves), candles, essential oils (peppermint and grapefruit), and every possible highlighter colour imaginable. Aside from my desk, the weight room is my second home!

You’re such a busy person, what kind of scheduling system do you have? 

I am ALL ABOUT organization. The most important book I own is my agenda, that is the reason I am able to stay so organized! I think there’s something very powerful about writing things down, whether it’s a to-do list or goals. All dates, meetings, projects and goals go into my agenda and I carve out time each day to go through it. I feel like when my agenda is in order, my life is in order. It’s also the reason I have every colour highlighter and everything is colour-coded.

What’s your go-to exercise?

My go-to exercise specifically would be split squats (an excellent unilateral strength building exercise!), however, I really enjoy running as well. There is something very therapeutic about the rhythmic movement allowing me to clear my head and get the blood flowing. 


What’s one thing you want people to know about your brand, Training2XL? 

I really value building quality relationships with others and helping them achieve success with their goals. Most importantly, it all comes straight from the heart; my brand is a direct reflection of me as a person and I always strive to be genuine and stay passionate about what I do.  

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How do you combine creativity with your passion to empower people to be their best selves?

Creativity and passion are two of my favourite words! I think authenticity is what helps me combine the two. I share with others what makes me so happy and how I live my life, which I hope, impacts them to do the same! I love sharing the things I’ve learned through my schooling, certifications and experiences in a way that’s accessible for everyone. Living a healthy lifestyle looks different for everybody, but I want to make creating that sustainable lifestyle less of a daunting task!

What's your go to advice for anyone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

To genuinely love what you do and, as cliché as it sounds … be yourself. It’s pretty cool that we’re all so different and we need to honour that. Two coaches could have the exact same philosophy, work with the same demographic and use the same exercises but their message will ultimately be delivered differently just on the shear fact that they’re unique individuals!

 Check out Training2Excel here and follow Alena on Instagram @training2xl.